Most celebrities in Kenya who had problems with weight loss decided to opt for gastric balloon procedure to help them lose weight.

Kate the Actress has finally spoken out about her gastric bypass procedure. While she struggled with her weight and even struggled to land some acting opportunities due to her figure, Kate said she decided to look for a means to lose weight last year.

Later, Kate revealed that she had a gastric Allurion operation, which she claimed saved her life. The mother of two underwent a dramatic weight loss. In a video posted by Ghafla, Kate discussed her operation.

According to the actress there are two different sorts of procedures namely: the Allurion, which she had and lasts just six months, and the silicone, which she claims lasts eight months and is the best for getting better results.

Kate clarified that the surgery only works if the patient learns to regulate their eating quantities and exercise."If you don't learn how to eat lightly, regulate your portion sizes, and move your body, you'll accomplish nothing. Work is still required of you."

Netizens quickly concluded that Kinuthia's method had failed to work. Kenyans were quick to criticize online, declaring that Kinuthia's stomach operation was a failure. This comes after the Tik Toker disclosing that he had already spent about 450 000 Kenyan shillings on the weight loss treatment, Kinuthia shocked his fans.

Kinuthia disclosed in an interview that the operation was beginning to take effect because he had reduced his weight from 138 kg to 129 kg. Kinuthia responded that he lacked the consistency necessary for working out at a gym when asked why he couldn't choose an alternative weight loss method like that. He even made light of the fact that the only exercise he can do is dance to TikTok videos. A past statement has made netizens conclude the main reason Kinuthia is not reducing weight as anticipated.