Evans Ochieng Owino, better known by his stage name Prince Indah, is a prominent Luo singer who recently purchased a brand-new Mercedes Benz ML350 4matic.

The "Mama Watoto" hitmaker, who also works with Bahati, spent a lot of money on the posh vehicle before his eagerly anticipated album release on April 1.

Zack Opondo, a friend of the singer and a well-known Facebook influencer, congratulated the sensational star and shared the news on his page while revealing that the expensive machine was purchased with cash.

"Congratulations, Prince Indah, my brother. You are the first Ohangla artist to pay cash for a Mercedes Benz ML350, nyaka ne Nyasaye chwe piny! It's Pesa Taslimu! "He published.

"(Congratulations, Prince Indah, my brother. Since the dawn of time, you are the first Ohangla artist to pay cash for a Mercedes ML350 4matic."

Opondo also requested that his supporters join him in applauding the talented young Ohangla singer. Congratulations to Nyandare, Jothurwa konya uru says.

He wrote, "(My people, aid me in congratulating the son of Nyandare)"

The lakeside celebrity admitted it cost him up to Ksh. 6 million when he confirmed the information to a local publication.

"Yes, I did purchase a Mercedes Benz ML350 4matic, and I'm happy I did. I spent KSh 6.8 million on the vehicle "It was Indah.

Together with Bahati, Prince Indah had also collaborated with Mugithi star Samidoh, whom he previously admitted needed Dholuo instruction when they started to record "Bado Nakupenda."

He told a local publication, "He taught me the Kikuyu lines and I taught him Dholuo."

On April 1, Indah will release his eagerly awaited album.