Podcaster Andrew Kibe responded to the video that has been circulating for the past two days regarding the death of Dj Brownskin's wife. The Dj videotaped as his wife took poison, which eventually killed her.

On social media, there have been conflicting viewpoints. Some people have defended the DJ's decision to record the entire incident, arguing that if he had not done so, he may have been charged with her murder.

The Dj was criticized in the other argument for doing nothing while the wife was in trouble. However, according to Andrew Kibe, the Dj shouldn't be held accountable because he was not too culpable for his wife's activities. The wife chose to consume the poison; she made her decision, and she paid the price.

In response to the story, city attorney Cliff Ombeta stated that there was no legal justification to bring charges against the Dj because he did not supply the poison or in any way coerce the wife into taking it. The issue is still primarily one of morality and society rather than law.

This is not the first time Kibe has reacted to a serious story. Andrew Kibe clearly stated he does not care about Jeff Mwathi's incident that lead to his death. He says he does not know DJ Faxto or Jeff Mwathi and so he does not care. He even dared his fans who feel bad about his harsh words to unsubscribe.

Kibe said he will still continue listening to Mugithi. Kibe said that he won't let the uproar on social media keep him up at night or prevent him from going about his daily activities.

"Siifeel, nitaifeel saa ngapi? Sifeel, when I feel it I will post it on Twitter," Kibe stated.

Some of DJ Fatxo's subscribers have been unsubscribing due to the event. DJ Faxto is being mentioned on social media as a person of interest because the incident occurred at his Redwood apartment home. Strange circumstances may have led to Jeff falling from DJ Fatxo's apartment.