Social media personality Vera Sidika has recently provided apparent confirmation of her separation from her husband, Brown Mauzo, following weeks of speculation surrounding the seriousness of their situation.

 In a series of posts on her Instagram stories, Sidika addressed the ongoing rumors, asserting that while she may be associated with seeking attention and publicity, she would not use her breakup as a means of clout chasing. She emphasized that this separation is indeed genuine, dispelling any doubts about its authenticity.

It is not clear why the two lovers broke up seeing that they were very close and there never used to be drama between them for the years they have dated.

Their followers suspected that this could be another clout-chasing move considering the couple has pulled such a prank in the past when Vera was about to make her debut as an artist. 

Tileh Pacbro: Just drop the song bro, I’m sure you have enough money to market the song well!

Vera's fans however think she is dropping a new song and just clout-chasing.

However, it is sad and regrettable that the two are actually serious and have already broken up. Brown and Vera Sidika have been serving couple goals for the longest time on social media.

Just recently Vera boasted of Brown on Real House Wives of Nairobi show where she is a cast member. "I'm married to Brown Mauzo... I call him Fred," Vera dished while showering praises on her boo. "My husband is the sweetest man ever. I normally call him the most handsome man on earth. And he honestly is- I don't care what anyone thinks but yes he is."

The most unexpected revelation of all was Vera Sidika's relationship with Brown Mauzo. In a surprising turn of events in October 2020, Vera took everyone by surprise when she announced her marriage to Brown. Taking to Instagram, she shared a heartfelt post featuring a picture of herself and her newfound partner, radiating love and affection. Vera proudly declared herself as Mrs. Mauzo, marking the beginning of their journey together.

Through a post on Instagram, Vera claimed to have gotten married to his best friend but unfortunately, things have turned sour.

Before dating Vera Sidika Brown Mauzo was involved with another socialite, Amber Ray. Brown Mauzo's brief relationship with socialite Amber Ray burned hot and fast as a matchstick. The two dated two years ago before Brown met Vera Sidika. And at the time, he even dedicated one of his songs Would You Love Me to Amber. After the song was released, Brown said about his relationship with Amber Ray saying, “Ni Kweli, sio fununu. Wameona watu kwenye social media zetu kuwa tuko pamoja. Ni Kweli.”

The strained relationship between Amber Ray and Vera Sidika is widely believed to stem from their involvement with Brown Mauzo. Their differing perspectives and lack of mutual respect have contributed to the animosity between them. Both individuals have not shied away from expressing their negative opinions about one another.