Romantic involvement between Diamond and Fantana has left Wasafi signee Zuchu feeling deeply disappointed but fans want her to now move on. Zuchu's dissatisfaction became evident when she reacted to a particular scene showing Diamond and Fantana sharing a kiss.

A follower of Zuchu decided to inquire about her reaction, prompting an unpleased response from Zuchu, who even resorted to using profanity to express her emotions.

Diamond's recent discovery of a relationship with Ghanaian musician Fantana has generated a lot of excitement. The world first learned about their relationship during the second season of the television program "Young Famous and African."

 Romy Jons posted on her wall asking her if she had watched the show to which Zuchu responded with "nimeangalia Mwaya tell him I said F*ck you," referring to Diamond.

Netizens have been flooding the singer's page asking her to move on and forget about Diamond as this is his character and who he is. See Zuchu's Reaction After Diamond Kiss

It is understandable why Zuchu would feel angry with Diamond, considering the circumstances. Initially, Diamond denied ever being in a relationship with her, despite the widespread knowledge that they had a connection. However, there are numerous videos and photos circulating online that clearly depict their intimate moments together, serving as evidence of their involvement.

Just a few weeks ago, Diamond dampened the rumors of a passionate romance between him and Zuchu. Despite months of engaging in shopping trips to Paris and expressing intense affection, Diamond ultimately placed Zuchu in the friend zone, referring to her as his "sister."

Diamond had this to say about himself and Zuchu: "Kwa pamoja na Zuhura tunaomba tuwataaarifu ya kwamba, kwa sasa sisi ni dada na kaka na si wapenzi kama ilivyokua ikidhaniwa ama wengine kujua."

The news came as a surprise to numerous individuals, as there was a belief that she would become Diamond's next baby mama, following his revelation about being ready to have another child. The singer shared this statement on his Instagram stories, leaving fans in a state of disbelief.

 Diamond is already a father of four known children with three different baby mamas. There is however a possibility of him having another child that is not known to the public going by his past revelation in the reality show Young Famous and African.

It turns out Zuchu is not the only one mad at Diamond. His ex and baby mama Zari is even more mad at him for the fact that he lied about her in the show.

Zari recently accused Diamond of spreading false information about her supposed desire to have another child with him. As it is widely known, she is now married, and Diamond's statement has caused turmoil within her marital bond.
Taking to social media, Zari expressed her sentiments at length, firmly asserting her position and calling out Diamond. The successful entrepreneur made it unequivocally clear that she has severed all ties with the Tanzanian star and advised him to address any concerns through her legal representative.

Zari did not hold back, stressing that she is now a married woman who expects Diamond and others to respect her new relationship. She highlighted that Diamond's recent comments have significantly strained her marriage with Lutaaya.