Comedian Professor Hamo recently reflected on his past struggles, particularly the difficult period when he lost his job at Hot 96 due to a scandal that made headlines and caused him to trend for several days. During an interview with Andrew Kibe, Hamo expressed gratitude towards Kibe for reaching out to him during that challenging time. Despite openly criticizing Hamo's actions on his Youtube show, Kibe stood by him and provided support.

Hamo further revealed that in 2021, he hit rock bottom when a scandal surfaced accusing him of being a deadbeat father. This revelation shed light on a difficult chapter in his life, where he faced significant personal and public challenges.

The scandal involved a fellow comedian Jemutai who is also her baby mama, with two of his children. So Jemutai took to Edgar Obare's page, seeking help as she wanted to sell her Facebook page to be able to foot her bills.

It is then that it came to public light that she has sired children with Professor Hamo. According to Jemutai, Professor Hamo, who was then working in Hot96 breakfast show alongside Jeff Koinange had failed to take care of his children, prompting her to sell her Facebook page to be able to pay the bills.

The scandal saw Professor Hamo lose his job at the Royal Media Services and be replaced by Nick Odhiambo on the breakfast show.

The situation took a drastic turn when Professor Hamo initially denied being the father of the children and insisted on a paternity test to confirm their parentage. This stance significantly affected his public image, as many fans viewed his actions as irresponsible and uncaring.

Fortunately, with the intervention of Churchill, the differences between Hamo and Jemutai were successfully resolved. Hamo eventually accepted his responsibility as the father of the children, leading to a reconciliation between the couple.

In a surprising turn of events, Hamo publicly acknowledged Jemutai as his wife, signifying their commitment to each other. The couple even began collaborating in various events and ventured into creating online content together, demonstrating their renewed bond and shared aspirations.

However, The scandal left a mark on Hamo's career as he lost endorsements, and even the ones he already had were canceled. He also lost his radio job.

In a previous interview with Kalondu Musyimi, Professor Hamo shared his journey of redemption and rediscovering his faith. The comedian recounted a time when he had strayed from his path and experienced a downfall in both his personal and professional life, ultimately leading to the loss of his job at a prestigious radio station in the country.

Hamo expressed gratitude for eventually finding his way back and regaining his stability. He attributed his turnaround to a transformative experience he had with his wife, which played a significant role in his journey of self-reflection and growth. Through this challenging period, the comedian managed to rebuild his life and reconnect with his faith, ultimately finding the strength to stand on his own feet once again.