The Kenyan Kwanza, bipartisan discussions team has accused their Azimio counterpart of putting unnecessary barriers to effective negotiations.

The team, led by George Murugara, claims Azimio is hunting for reasons to call off the negotiations.

He said they have said they need to have the talks at arm's length, where they are all equal. While there are persistent roadblocks in their path, they are confident that they will be able to overcome those roadblocks so that the talks can continue because they are committed to having fruitful discussions.

PHOTO | COURTESY George Murugara

Murugara stated that pressing issues, such as the Independent Electoral Boundaries Commission, must be completed on time. 

Murugara explained that they need to talk and agree and know what the problem with the current law is so that they can decide on a way forward and if they need to change direction.

Murugara said he would write to his vo chair, Otiende Amollo, accusing him of prematurely halting the negotiations.

He said he would ask his co-chair to attend negotiations to iron out any difficulties before they begin before Tuesday's Azimio deadline.

He added that they haven't said they would concede to any demands, nor have they said they won't.

Concerned that the committee would run out of time before reaching an agreement, Murugara stated they have a clause to extend the period if necessary.

The truth is that when we cease the conversations, time stops as well, so we still have some time to accomplish our goals.

Azimio called off the negotiations on Tuesday, accusing their colleagues of being insecure, and retreated to consider their values.