On May 26, Guardian Angel's wife, Esther Musila,  joyfully celebrated her 53rd birthday. Taking to her Instagram account, Esther posted;

"I wish myself a very happy birthday. May this birthday become one of the best birthdays of my life. Wishing myself a great birthday celebration filled with all the love, joy, and blessings in the world. I feel so favored to be so happy, healthy, and alive today.

Happy 53rd Esther🎊🎊"

On her special day, Esther Musila's husband, Guardian Angel, expressed nothing but heartfelt and affectionate words to celebrate his beloved wife. "Can't believe it has been 3 years already. It has been the best part of my life. Loving on you is the sweetest experience ever. YOU ROCK MY WORLD QUEEN blessings on your birthday @esther.musila

you are my everything," wrote Guardian.

Amidst the joyful celebration, Esther Musila's son took to his Instagram account to extend warm birthday wishes to his mother, sharing throwback photos capturing special moments between the two.

Esther's timeline has been flooded with messages of goodwill from fans and friends, who joined in commemorating her special day. It's worth mentioning that Esther and Guardian Angel tied the knot in January of this year, despite facing criticism from the public due to the significant age gap between them. As Guardian Angel is in his early thirties, their relationship has sparked discussions and raised eyebrows.

In response to the critics, Guardian Angel boldly expressed that nobody has the right to dictate whom he should or should not be in a relationship with. He firmly asserted his autonomy in choosing his partners, emphasizing that personal happiness should not be determined by societal expectations or judgments.