President William pleaded with Busia Senator Okiya Omtatah during the interfaith Thanksgiving ceremony held at Busia Stadium not to file a lawsuit against the Housing Fund. The President stressed the importance of the senator's support in ensuring that the affordable housing project is implemented successfully and creates job possibilities for young people.

"Mr Omatata, so now you want to take me to court and what I'm doing is finding job opportunities for these people," said Ruto.

"So now you don't want these people to get jobs," asked Ruto.

The first-term senator had gone ham on the housing levy, telling Ruto to his face that he would challenge the Finance Bill in court.

Omtatah told the President, bare-knuckled, that he was being misled by a clique of his allies that the Bill was good for Kenya.

"The Finance Bill has both good and bad things therein. Let not these people here lie to you that everything is fine. The negative things therein, many go against the Constitution," said Omtata. 

He emphasized that certain matters within the Bill have already been addressed and ruled upon by the Supreme Court, and it is crucial to respect and uphold those decisions.

"You are my friend Mr President but the Constitution is a bigger friend to me. I have already prepared a petition to go to court. But when I heard you were coming to Busia I did not file it last week. I held on. I pray that we relook at this Bill. If we can avoid fighting in court it would be good as it is bad for friends to fight," he said. 

But Ruto urged Busia residents to persuade the renowned rights activist to reconsider his position on the Bill and avoid going to court.

"Help me and talk to this guy to reduce these court cases. He has said he is my friend and it's true he is my friend," the President said.

But even then, he added, he would not hold it against the senator were he to make true his threat and head to court.

He said whereas the senator is opposed to the tax proposals and the housing levy, he is not planning on destroying public property.

“At least hajapanga maandamano. Unajua kuna wengine wananitisha ati usipofanya hii tutapanga maandamano. Sasa hawa wengine ndio wabaya zaidi heri huyu Okiya (At least he has not planned protests. There are others who are threatening me that they will hold protests unless I do this or that),” Ruto said.

According to Ruto, Omtatah should instead sue opposition leaders for destroying people's property and businesses during mass protests.

“Wale watu wa handshake wenye walikuwa wanapanga mambo ya vyeo ya wadosi, haukuwapeleka kortini, mbona wewe unataka kunipeleka kortini mi nikipanga kazi ya mahustler? Si unaona unanionea tu bure. Wale ndio ungepeleka kortini kwa sababau walikuwa wanatusumbua,” he said amid laughter.

"Nisamehe kidogo nipange mambo ya mahustler please (Have pity on me and let me plan hustlers' projects)," he added.