The most recent successful song from Kenyan artist Bahati, "Diana," suffered a brief setback last week when it was abruptly removed from YouTube over a content disagreement.

 But following a peaceful resolution, the song triumphantly returned to the platform, immediately racking up over 1.3 million views in only two days and reigniting fan excitement.

The successful pairing of Bahati and Rwandan music icon Bruce Melodie on the song "Diana" won over audiences with its distinctive fusion of musical genres.

The song, a component of Bahati's continuing project, features vivid percussion, love vibes, and a fast-paced, Teddy-B-produced tempo.

Fans responded enthusiastically to the song when it was first released, but it disappeared from Bahati's YouTube channel soon after.

Bahati took to Instagram to vent his annoyance and disappointment, accusing the distributor of hacking his account and erasing "Diana."

He denounced the business as scammers and urged the Kenyan government to take action, emphasizing the necessity for legislative safeguards for content producers.

However, recent events have taken a turn for the better. In a subsequent Instagram post, Bahati thanked his followers for their continuous support and announced that the disagreement with the business had been settled peacefully.

On his YouTube account, the musician formally announced the return of "Diana," which his devoted fans can now enjoy.

Bahati acknowledged the distribution company's previous working connection and indicated his readiness to continue collaborating with them to support the expansion of the African music business.

The unforeseen content disagreement has resulted in a mutual understanding between the parties, opening the door for future projects and collaboration.

It has been an excellent success for Bahati to re-upload "Diana" on his YouTube account. The song's impressive 1.3 million views in just two days have increased its popularity and reinforced Bahati's status as a top performer in the Kenyan music industry.

"Diana" is currently at number 7 in Kenya's trending list as it keeps increasing the rankings.

The immense support of Bahati's fan base, who excitedly welcomed the chance to listen to the song once more, is seen in the massive response to the song's comeback.