Lawrence Njuguna, famously known as DJ Fatxo, reveals that he has forgiven those who had accused him of the murder of Jeff Mwathi.

PHOTO | COURTESY DJ Fatxo and Jeff

During an airport interview after jetting back from his tour in the united kingdom, the musician said that he thanks god for his freedom and the retribution he got after being cleared by the directorate of criminal investigations in the murder case.

Fatxo compared his situation to that of jesus, who was criticized even after doing good. He says that he is forgiving and has no hate in his heart, adding that he has no problem with anyone and has already let go.

He explains his relationship with God, saying that God is his personal friend and that he loves him, so hate doesn't shake him and that he is used to the insults because God has given him strength and that what he has learned through this ordeal is that family matters the most.


The DJ says his friends left him when he was a suspect in the murder case, but he understands them and doesn't blame them for leaving.

Fatxo was cleared of the murder by the DCI. Mwathi died after falling over Fatxo's apartment, prompting an investigation that resulted in his body being excavated due to public outrage. The deceased was buried a week after his death, but worried Kenyans accused Fatxo of being responsible for the young man's death.


The outcry was so loud that the government, via Interior CS Kithure Kindiki, launched an investigation and urged homicide investigators to follow the case to its end. Since Mwathi was last seen at his Roysambu house before falling seven floors and dying, DJ Fatxo has been at the centre of the inquiry.

He also defended his cousin and driver, saying that if they were guilty, they would have been arrested and charged.

"If they were involved, believe me wangeshikwa. Even the CCTV shows after I left the house, they came looking for me if I had passed out in the car," he said