Ghetto Radio has been forced to cancel its scheduled interview with controversial mugithi artist DJ Fatxo after a massive social media campaign against it.


In a notice sent out by the radio station, they explained that the cancellation was due to requests by their fans who felt like having the artiste on their show was in poor taste. They added that the opinions of their listeners matter.

DJ fatxo continues to face media blackout even after being acquitted by the DCI in the alleged death of jeff mwathi. According to the DCI, the DJ had no case to answer since he was not at the scene of the crime the during the incident.

During a recent roadside interview after arriving from the united kingdom, the DJ said that he has forgiven all those who shunned him and accused him of murdering Jeff.

PHOTO | COURTESY  DJ Fatxo and Jeff

Fatxo compared his situation to that of jesus, who was criticized even after doing good. He says that he is forgiving and has no hate in his heart, adding that he has no problem with anyone and has already let go.

He described his relationship with God, claiming that God is his personal friend and that he loves him. Thus hate doesn't bother him, and he is used to the insults because God has given him strength, and what he has learned from this journey is that family is the most important.


The DJ claimed that his friends abandoned him while he was a suspect in the murder case, but he understands and doesn't blame them.

Mwathi died after falling over Fatxo's residence, sparking an investigation and the exhumation of his body owing to public outcry. The deceased was buried a week after his death, but concerned Kenyans blamed Fatxo for the young man's death.

The suspicious death of Jeff Mwathi remains a mystery to many kenyans who believe he was murdered, but the officials have yet to give an official report.