Tanzanian bongo singer Rajab Abdul, also known as Harmonize, has revealed his HIV status.

The musician has recently made headlines for a variety of reasons. This time, the Tanzanian musician chose to share the results of his HIV test with his online admirers.

The Bongo actor shared the HIV test kit that revealed he was HIV-negative.

This is the fourth time Konde Gang CEO has made his situation public. He revealed his HIV test results months after revealing the previous ones.

In April, he invited his female supporters to ask their boyfriends to take a test and see what they were told.

Harmonize had also revealed the results on social media shortly after breaking up with actress Kajala.

After taking the tests, the 'single again' singer announced the results of his HIV status on his Instagram page.

"Done✔🙏🙏🙏" he wrote under the HIV test kit that showed he was negative for the virus. The Bongo star also showed video evidence of the test to prove he was safe from the virus.

Harmonize recently proclaimed that he was single and returning to the streets following his breakup with his Rwandan girlfriend Phiona (Yolo queen).

He just published a song begging Hamisa Mobetto to let him be her sidekick.