Kenyan businessman Kennedy Rapudo vented his rage on social media after being denied the opportunity to celebrate his son's 8th birthday, which he had been looking forward to.

Rapudo revealed his problems with his son in an emotional post. After a lengthy legal fight, he wanted to spend meaningful time with the youngster.

His preparations for the party and plans for the long weekend were ruined when his son failed to show up.

"Not all absent dads are deadbeats, but just because we are not deadbeats doesn't mean that our hearts are metallic. I was eagerly looking forward to celebrating my son's 8th birthday today! This would be the first long weekend to have him for a sleepover (after a lengthy court battle) and you should have felt the joy in our hearts. Unfortunately, the moment was "once again" robbed from us because he was a no-show."

The father of three encouraged other fathers to fight for their children until things were better.

"I see you, those who walk the often silent path of longing, who choose stability even if it means sacrifice." Not every forgotten moment defines our love; our emotions tell the stories that words cannot. Even when we are not present, our passion is limitless. Every sacrifice, every sorrow, every missed celebration deepens our love. Continue to fight, to believe, and, most importantly, to love. Even from afar, our children sense it. #UnseenHeroes."

Rapudo went on to wish his kid a happy birthday, expressing his unconditional love for him regardless of the circumstances. In the comments section, his fiance, Amber Ray, was not far behind in telling him he is a good father.

He also gave some suggestions to parents going through the same thing.