Anerlisa Muigai, CEO of Nero Executive Water, enjoys a lavish lifestyle many people covet.

She has owned various cars during her life, the most recent being a Range Rover she drives around the city regularly.

She cited the costly expense of repairing the high-end automobile as being expensive to maintain.

On August 6, the beauty warned Range Rover owners not to cut costs with their vehicles. She shared a repair bill of Sh1.6 million.

"Maintaining the car is usually an expense. These quoted parts are required to be changed every two to three years."

Has she ever used a matatu?

"Last time I boarded a matatu I was 19 na niliibiwa. It was my first time and last."

Where was the heiress headed to, yet many would have assumed she would have a car?

"I was with my friend and she was high and I was hyped up na siwezi taka kurudi tena."

She added

"It was those days za party town."

Her attractiveness stems from the fact that she is wealthy and single.

She revealed that she receives approximately 50 DMs per day."On a good day, I get 50 DMs, but on trending days, I get 200."