Esther Muthoni, better known by her online handle Nairofey, is criticizing her ex-best friend Shorn Arwa for what she views as slum behavior.

The 26-year-old continued by implying that she and Shorn were not even close friends, even though Shorn Arwa had eagerly informed her fans that she was visiting her best friend before departing from the UK for Kenya.

"Using my name to get attention is ghetto!" Angrily started the YouTube content creator.

Nairofey continued to berate Shorn, adding that while she didn't mind doing charitable work if it helped her gain attention, she would prefer if people stopped referring to her as their friend.

"Lakini anyway I don't mind helping a "friend' get views on her interview.

People who matter and are my friends would never go clout chasing with my name or blubbering online about my personal life because they know what Respect means!" The last on Nairofey's post read.

Nairofey and Shorn Arwa's beef started after Shorn had an interview with YouTuber Eve Mungai.

In the interview Shorn highlighted she felt truly uncomfortable with her friend Nairofey reuniting with her husband Yeforian after their public spat.

"I hope this comes out in the most respectable way possible... Nairofey is my friend, the husband is not my friend. Because when you hurt my friend, you stop being my friend you know. I'm not the biggest supporter of his.

Up till this day, I still believe he is back to finally finish her. That is what I'm going to say," the new mom said without a hint of humor, emphasizing that she truly felt that way.

Shorn added;

"I'll be lying if I come here and be like I'm cool or okay with this because I'm not. I mean as a country we had our guard up, we cried with her, we were rooting for her and all that but wueh it is not easy to come between two people when love is involved,"

Responding to Shorn's interview Nairofey's husband Yeforian posted a picture of himself casually lounging in a chair, in the caption he bragged of how his woman was taking good care of him while sending a message to Shorn.

"What a beautiful Thursday! Na nimelishwa na bibi btw (and I have been fed by my wife by the way). Let the dogs keep barking, the caravan goes on!" Yeforian wrote.

A netizen was quick to comment asking if he was talking about whom everyone thought he was.

"You mean Shorn?" Irungu Lydia quizzically asked. Yeforian responded by saying he had no idea who or what that was! Child! The shade and audacity, wueh.

"I have no idea what or whom you saw barking," the digital content creator responded.

"Toothless dogs bark the most," Duncan remarked in response to another criticism.

Nairofey left a message on her man's profile expressing her support for him to the world.

"Caption's got it!" Nairofey wrote.

The 26-year-old's use of "some random girl" about her acquaintance caused further confusion. A fan called her out for her earlier comment on Yeforian's page, where it was obvious that she knew the man was assaulting Shorn Arwa.