A month after Fathermoh revealed their breakup, Gengetone Group Mbuzi Gang has announced their reunion.

Fathermoh declared in a social media post that they needed to reassemble as a group because most Gengetone organizations are struggling.

The gang will publish a brand-new YouTube project the following week.

"We had to get back together with Mbuzi Gang today ju Gengetone groups are out here lagging. See you on YouTube next week."

It had been a while since Mbuzi Gang had released any new music, so a fan questioned Fathermoh in July during a Q&A session with followers on Instagram.

Fathermoh replied that he was no longer a member of the crew.

Musicians Joefes, Ipholish, and Fathermoh who are signed to Black Marker Records make up Mbuzi Gang.

The trio first came together years ago when Joefes and iPhoolish connected at a high school 'funkie' and instantly forged a connection that led to their enrollment at the same university. 2018 saw the debut of Joefes' first song.

Fathermoh connected with Joefes in 2019 and became a member of Mbuzi Gang as he was seeking to make connections with various artists in an effort to find financial success.

The group's songs Wagithomo and ShamraShamra with Mejja contributed to their success.

Fans are excited for the group's upcoming endeavor and are glad to see them back again.