To ease the territory's reunification after a more than three-decade split, Uganda stated on Saturday that it would intervene between Somalia and the breakaway region of Somaliland.

According to a statement from the Ugandan government, President Yoweri Museveni decided to accept the position during a visit by Jama Musse Jama, a special representative from Somaliland, on Friday.

"President Museveni agreed to be the unification facilitator between Somaliland and Somalia," the statement read.

Although Somaliland split apart from Somalia in 1991, its independence has not been widely acknowledged internationally. While Somalia has been embroiled in civil war, it has largely been quiet.

Museveni reportedly told the envoy, "We don't support secession because strategically, it is wrong," according to the statement.

Reunification could improve the Horn of Africa nation's ability to confront problems, such as the Islamist Al Shabaab uprising.