Diana Marua, a musician and content producer from Kenya, has praised Morgan Bahati as the source of their family's blessings and recalled how things were when they first met.

Dianna claimed in a video on her YouTube channel that Morgan was the first to bestow upon him the title of mother and that his adoption had sparked a torrent of good fortune.

"I am proud to be Morgan's mother," she said. "To be honest, Morgan was the first person to call me mother, and I will always remember that."

The mother of four claimed that taking care of Morgan was why they have everything they do, including their homes and vehicles.

Ile Baraka tuko nayo mpaka saa hii,these big houses, we have houses out there, 7 cars, people think we have four cars but there are others people don't know about. All I can say hizi zote ni Baraka za Morgan."

Diana acknowledged that raising Morgan after being adopted at the age of two had been difficult, but they had made it this far thanks to God's goodness.

When Morgan was just two years old, he was living in the same orphanage home where Bahati had grown up.

According to a prior Instagram post, Bahati opted to adopt Morgan's father position as of that day even though he wasn't prepared.

Morgan adopted Diana as his mother when they first met. Diana recently acknowledged Morgan as her first son in a sentimental caption.