An American vlogger, Julian Albino, is accused of soiling sixteen bedsheets and other bedding with poop while renting an Airbnb apartment in Nairobi.

According to the apartment owner through Edgar Obare,  the vlogger also broke a dining table worth Kes 55,000 and left the apartment without paying a bill of about Kes 74,000.

According to screenshots shared on Twitter by one Nkatha Maureen, the vlogger was very arrogant about the mess when the owner confronted him.

"I am not responsible for cleaning. That's why you have cleaners. I am not a house cleaner." he added.

The screenshots have been shared on the official Kenyan Airbnb site to inform other hosts of the blogger's conduct.

Further, the apartment owner said that the vlogger had blocked her everywhere.

On his part, Albino, through an Instagram post, said he is just a victim of cyberbullying.

 "Not my first online harassment," Albino said.

 He has further turned off the comment section on his Instagram page.

Albino is a popular American YouTuber who does travelling vlogs.