Applying your lashes can be difficult and may take time if you do it the wrong way. If you are a beginner, this article is definately for you.

I believe you have already made your mind and probably purchased your lashes at your preferred place be.

To start with, choose lashes of your choice pick one lash, place it along your lash line with no glue in order to measure the lash on your lash line. Make sure that it’s not going completely to the center of your eye because that will be uncomfortable but ensure it is at least making its way towards the end of your lash line.

People have different lash lines. If you have a longer lash line than most people, this might be a little easier for you. However, if your lashes are longer than your lash line, go ahead and trim towards the end of the lashes just so that they fit comfortably on your eye.

Sometimes you might experience stiff lashes, if this happens, go ahead and grab the front and end and gently move it back and forth, this will give it some type of flexibility, curve so that it better lays on your lashes.

Once you feel comfortable with your eyelash length, proceed and start practicing the application motion with your mirror with your head up a little bit then apply the lashes downward because then you can keep your eyes still open and see where the lashes are actually landing rather than having to look head-on.

Place it as close as you can to your actual lash line and aim for the middle and the end to be the first thing that sticks down. Keep practicing that motion until you feel confident that you can put glue on and move to the next step.

To apply the glue, hold on to the end part of your lashes, and then take the glue right across the top of your lash line. Focus the glued right along the lash line because that is what is going to be placed on your eyelid.

Always make sure your glue is 75% to 80 % dry before applying. This makes it easier to adjust. Repeat this often and soon, you will see yourself graduate to being a pro.