Kevin Bahati who is popularly known as Mtoto wa mama / Mtoto wa Diana or Mtoto wa Mathare recently revealed why the real estate agents refused to sell him a house along Kiambu road.

In a YouTube video on Diana Bahati’s channel, he disclosed that he had several properties he was eying along Kiambu Road but because of his age and social status he was told he was not fit to secure the property.

Although he managed to secure a house still in Kiambu, Bypass along Kamakis he is still heartbroken about the whole ordeal. He purchased his current house at 27 million. The house sits on a 50 by 100 plot of land with a total floor area of 340 square meters.

“mimi nilikua nishaona na nilikua nanishaamua nyumba yenye nataka na tukakubaliana na wao, kidogo kidogo nikiwa bank nikitaka kulipa napigiwa simu eti iyo nyumba siwezi chukua. Kuuliza kwa nini ati haiwezi juu ya my social status. Can you imagine…” he rants.

For the 90’s babies we remember Bahati with his simple and modest gospel songs (Zile za kulialia). some of the songs that skyrocketed his career was MAMA, MACHOZI and BARUA. Now the singer changed his music journal and he is now doing secular music with pantiles ladies twerking all over him.

He is currently married to Diana Marua, one of the popular Kenyan youtubers who recently ventured in to rap music.

They are blessed with four Children, with the last last born having been born early this month.

This family is always involved in drama and scandals. Just recently the wife revealed she dated several men for money and that she was a side-chick for years. This caused a stir to the online netizens.

Bahati recently released a new song featuring The luo musician Prince Indah called “Abebo” which is trending at number 1 on YouTube.