British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has poached Ahmed Bahajj to work on their sports desk. Bahajj has left having barely worked for TV47 for a few months to join BBC.

“Hatimaye nimejiunga rasmi na Shirika la BBC swahili..Ntawajibika kama Broadcast journalist Dira ya dunia Tv Swahili.

“Mwanzo mpya ,ukurasa mpya. #piga mstari chini yake,” Ahmed Bahajj said after joining BBC.

Together with Fred Indimuli, who had also left KTN, he joined TV47 back in June. Before being snatched by TV47 to present a show called Mchaka Mchaka, Bahajj worked as a sports anchor at KTN, where he was in charge of "Zilizala Viwanjani and Kipi Sijaskia."

In his exit message, Ahmed wrote; "It has been a pleasure working with one of the best media houses in the country. I leave a proud journalist,".

After four years at the channel, he quit KTN. Conversely, after a year and a few months of employment with KTN, Indimuli left the station.

After working for the national broadcaster for just two months, Indimuli departed KBC in September 2021. Indimuli was one of the seasoned media figures that KBC hired on June 21, 2021, for their eagerly awaited relaunch.

For the Friday bulletin at the station, he was later paired with TV Girl Shiksha Arora; however, due to his sudden departure, Arora would ride alone on #EasyFriday.

KTN stole him away to take Ben Kitili's seat as Inside Politics host. At the time, NTV had stolen Kitili.