Uganda People's Defence Force (UPDF) soldiers have been accused of stealing over 400 cows in Kacheliba Sub County, West Pokot County, Kenya.

Lopeta Nduywa, who was grazing his brother Tukuk Rodinyo's cattle, stated that at approximately 3:00 PM, UPDF soldiers forcibly took the livestock and transported them towards Uganda.

PHOTO | COURTESY Ugandan Soldiers Raid Kacheliba Village, Allegedly Drive Off With 400 Cows
The incident has been reported to Kanyerus Police Station for further investigation. This incident follows a fight on Tuesday, November 28, in the West Pokot village of Lochacha, in which six people were killed during a standoff between livestock rustlers and civilians.

Three residents following the rustlers were allegedly slain by Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) officers, while locals killed three other rustlers who had escaped with an unknown number of goats.


Sixteen more people who were injured are currently being treated.

Pokot bandits ambushed a herder in Elgeyo Marakwet on Tuesday, November 29, killing 28-year-old Kirotich Kilimo, who was grazing cattle.

Despite efforts to save him, Kilimo died at Endo Mission Hospital from significant gunshot wounds.

Although no livestock were reported stolen, an inquiry is underway.