The move by the supreme court to ban Senior Council Ahmednassir has stirred a debate from colleagues in the field, with Advocate Nelson Havi, a High Court advocate, labeling the decision as "unlawful and unconstitutional."

Havi predicts that the ban will face legal challenges and further tarnish the reputation of the Chief Justice and all seven judges of the Supreme Court.

"The decision to bar Ahmednasir Abdullahi SC and his firm from appearing before the Supreme Court is unlawful and unconstitutional. It will be quashed by the High Court, further embarrass the besieged Chief Justice and dent the reputation of all 7 Judges of that Court." Nelson Havi tweeted.

Under the leadership of Chief Justice Martha Koome, the Supreme Court of Kenya has enforced a ban on Senior Counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi and his law firm, attributing it to continuous assaults on the court's integrity. The seven-judge bench alleges that Abdullahi engaged in a media campaign with the intention of tarnishing and disparaging the court, employing social media, interviews, and written publications. Ahmednassir is well-known for using his substantial following on his X account to articulate his perspectives.

Despite a prior warning in the case of Republic v Ahmad Abdolfadhi Mohammed & Anor, SC Petition No. 39 of 2018, Abdullahi reportedly continued making unsupported attacks against the court's leadership and members. The court's ruling now bars Abdullahi from presenting himself before them, either directly or through his law firm, with immediate effect.