A man died after inhaling vapors from a toilet cleaning detergent purchased from a hawker.

Peter Muturi Meriti, from Kajiado County, is alleged to have inhaled the fumes at a wine and spirit shop out of curiosity, resulting in problems that ultimately led to his death.

PHOTO | COURTESY toilet cleaning supplies 

According to a police report, Meriti was with two pals who are community policing members when they stopped by the booze store to check on another acquaintance. 

The deceased noticed a jar of detergent at the liquor store and decided to sniff it out of curiosity.

Moments after, he began to have difficulties such as nose bleeding, stomach pain, and loss of vision.

PHOTO | COURTESY toilet cleaning

Meriti reported the event to authorities and was transported to the nearest hospital in Ngong after being suspected of inhaling an illegal substance.

His condition worsened, and he died the next day. Consolata Wairimu and Grace Njeri, the liquor store's two employees, informed police that they bought homemade detergent from a hawker and mixed it into the whisky.

Police have subsequently launched an inquiry and detained the dangerous detergent.