Government spokesperson Isaac Mwaura has revealed that the Kenya Kwanza government fully backs opposition leader Raila Odinga’s bid for the top African Union (AU) Commission job.

Speaking during a press conference, Mwaura described it as a defining moment for the nation and urged all leaders to put aside their political differences and rally behind Odinga.

Further, Mwaura described the opposition leader as a statesman who would take Kenya and the continent to greater heights, while urging Kenyans not to read to much into the government’s actions.

“If he gets an opportunity to serve us at the AU as the chair, we as Kenyans forget all our differences and rally behind a fellow Kenya. If Mr. Odinga has expressed interest, we would rather have him there because when he is there the interests of Kenya are taken care of. We as government fully support his candidature,” Mwaura said.

He described the opposition chief as a formidable candidate who has over the years, gained respect across the African continent.

On Saturday, the ruling party, United Democratic Alliance (UDA) threw its weight behind the former Prime Minister, terming him as a statesman and ‘a luminary in African politics.’

“The right Honorable Raila Odinga is undoubtable an African luminary of unmatched capability. We join many across the continent in restating that Honorable Odinga deserved the AU chairmanship given his distinguished accolades and contribution to the social political landscape of the East African Region and Africa as a whole,” Malala stated.

Last week, the opposition leader announced plants to contest for the  African Union Commission (AUC) chairperson position next year.