The police are holding a Ugandan TikTok content creator for allegedly abusing other kingdom officials and the Kabaka, the king of Buganda, in his videos.

Ibrahim Musana, 27, the owner of the social media page Pressure Pressure, was taken into custody on Saturday on charges of inciting violence, encouraging hate speech, and defamation.

He is charged with attacking the Kabaka and other Buganda officials, including Prime Minister Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga, by using his social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, WhatsApp, and YouTube.

According to local media, the creator is being investigated by detectives for alleged abuse of social media platforms, hate speech, malicious information, and inciting violence.

"We continue to process charges against a suspect who was arrested for defaming the Kabaka of Buganda, promoting hate speech, incitement to violence and other offensive pieces of communication against the Kabaka of Buganda and Buganda Kingdom," the Daily Monitor newspaper quoted Uganda's police spokesperson Fred Enanga as telling journalists on Monday.

"We are transcribing over 50 videos of anti-Kabaka sentiments that are vulgar, abusive, hostile and defamatory for evidential purposes."

The majority of Buganda, according to the police spokesperson, were horrified by the creator's views, which they described as "ugly speech... embarrassing and disrespectful to the Kabaka of Buganda and the Katikiro of Buganda and Buganda Kingdom."

Uganda is home to the Bantu kingdom of Buganda. With Kampala, the capital of Uganda, included, it is the largest of the traditional kingdoms in East Africa, encompassing the Central Region of Buganda.

With around 14 million members, the kingdom makes up the largest Ugandan region and 16 percent of Uganda's population, according to Britannica.