Kenyan singer Willy Paul is allegedly facing legal challenges, with the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) accompanying him to Kiambu Law Court for a cyberbullying case. The previously mysterious circumstances surrounding his apprehension have now been disclosed, indicating that the artist is accused of cyberbullying. The allegations were reportedly filed by his longstanding rival, Bahati, and Bahati's wife, Diana Mara.

The ongoing court proceedings have left the Kenyan public in anticipation, awaiting the verdict on the cyberbullying case involving Willy Paul. The outcome has the potential not only to shape Willy Paul's career but also to influence the unfolding narrative of rivalry within the Kenyan music industry.

Willy Paul is currently at Kiambu Court, addressing cyberbullying charges filed by Bahati and Diana Mara. Stay connected for the latest updates as the court proceedings develop. We'll keep you informed and provide timely coverage of the verdict once it is reached. Follow us for real-time information on this significant event within the Kenyan music industry.