Students at the Dedan Kimathi University in Nyeri will receive Ksh.180 each from the donation given by President William Ruto during a visit to the university.

During his visit to the school, Ruto promised the students that he would contribute Ksh.1 million for their enjoyment.

PHOTO | COURTESY Dedan Kimathi University

"When I look at you I don't think you are hungry. You look like you are doing very well," Ruto joked with the students before continuing, "Just say you want something small, you are not hungry. You want something small, that I will do," the president could be heard saying.

He revealed the Ksh.1 million contribution at this time and asked the school's administrators to ensure it reached the students.

PHOTO | COURTESY President Ruto

A memo from the Directorate of Students' Welfare has leaked, revealing that each student will receive only Ksh 180 from the donation.

According to the memo written by Director of Student Affairs Esther Nthiga, this decision was made after the university conducted public participation among students via a Google form, which provided three options: divide the money equally among students, organize a luncheon, or allocate the money to students' bursaries.

According to the memo, 51% of the students believe the money should be divided evenly: 36.5% for a luncheon and 35.5% for the students' bursary.

PHOTO | COURTESY Dedan Kimathi University

With the majority having their way and the minority having their voice, the university calculated and concluded that each student deserves Ksh.180 from the donation. 

"Following the outcome of the public participation, it has been decided that every undergraduate student during the January-April 2024 semester, including students who are on internal attachment during the semester will be given Ksh.180," Nthiga announced.