The Dedan Kimathi University of Technology Student Organisation (DeKUTSO) has turned down the ksh 180 each offered to the students by President Ruto after his visit.

"The decision was made without our input, and we strongly disagree with it, so we consider this an act of undermining the students' leadership body," read a statement signed by DeKUTSO Secretary General Nicholas Ngetich.

PHOTO | COURTESY Dedan Kimathi University

This followed a message from the Directorate of Students' Welfare on Tuesday, which stated that each student will receive an equal allotment of Ksh.180 from the Head of State's Ksh.1 million gift.

According to Director of Student Affairs Esther Nthiga, the institution decided after seeking public input from students via a Google form.

She indicated that 51% of the students thought the money should be divided evenly, 36.5% preferred a luncheon, and 35.5 wanted it to go to the students' bursary.

PHOTO | COURTESY Dedan Kimathi University

"Following the outcome of the public participation, it has been decided that every undergraduate student during the January-April 2024 semester, including students who are on internal attachment during the semester will be given Ksh.180," the document added.

Class representatives were instructed to advise their students to collect the money at the Directorate office from Friday 9 to Friday 19, after which whatever remained would be routed.