Lawyer Danstan Omari asserts that despite intensified lobbying efforts from leaders aligned with the Azimio la Umoja coalition, One Kenya Alliance, and the government in support of Raila Odinga's bid for the chairmanship of the African Union Commission, the former prime minister is unlikely to secure the position.

During an interview with K24 TV on Wednesday, Omari suggested that it appears the African Union, specifically African presidents, are not in favor of Raila's candidacy. This sentiment arises following their recent decision to appoint President William Ruto as the Champion of African Union Institutional reforms on Saturday.

Omari expressed the view that it is highly improbable to have both Ruto occupying a prominent AU position and the AU Commission chairperson hailing from the same country.

"The position I am taking is that Raila will not get that seat which is very unfortunate for Kenyans."

"If the AU wanted Raila to get that seat, they could not have appointed President Ruto to be the reforms champion, because he will be the person to preside over the elections of the AU Commission, noting that he is a Kenyan and Raila is a Kenyan."

"President Ruto will be the 'Chebukati' of the AU Commission elections. The question is will he not be having a conflict of interest in the eyes of the rest of the 50 plus presidents of Africa? I think they put Ruto in that position as an indirect message that it is done for Kenya," argued Omari