A  stray buffalo on Monday morning attacked and killed a 60-year-old man with hearing impairment at Riflot in Voi town.

Confirming the incident, Voi Police Commander Ibrahim Dafalla said the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) responded at the scene.

KWS rangers killed the buffalo, but the service made no formal comment on the incident.

Settlements around Voi town, which is within walking distance of the Tsavo East National Park, have borne the brunt of human-wildlife conflict, often leading to injuries and sometimes deaths.

This comes a few days after President William Ruto launched a compensation scheme for victims of wildlife attacks to help them rebuild their livelihoods and meet hefty medical bills.

During the launch on Friday in Laikipia, Ruto said the human-wildlife conflict mitigation and compensation scheme is expected to foster harmonious coexistence between local communities and wild animals.

Further, he stated that any citizen attacked by wildlife will be entitled to up to 23,543 dollars in compensation. At the same time, the government invests in electric fences, community-based advocacy, and modern surveillance technology to reduce human-wildlife conflicts.

“We will fast-track compensation for all victims of human-wildlife conflict as part of our commitment to people-centric wildlife conservation. The compensation will cater for injuries, deaths, damage to crops and property.”