According to First Lady Mama Rachel Ruto, Ugandans no longer use fertilizer on their crops because the nation is both naturally fertile and experiences enough annual rainfall. 

Speaking at a Monday thanksgiving service at KICC, Mama Rachel said Uganda was fortunate to have been a part of the 1930s East African revival, during which "God blessed them with fertile land and rains."

The First Lady claims that Ugandans began planting their crops without fertilizer as a result of these prayers.

"In Kenya we see our President talk about fertilisers for our farmers. In Uganda, they don't use fertilisers. Their land is very fertile and there is enough rain. I came to discover one thing; it is the East African Revival that swept Uganda and some parts of East Africa," Mama Rachel said.

She described how she traveled to Uganda in 2022 and saw that the country was lush and green, while Kenya was arid and home to suffering people. 

The First Lady claimed to have prayed for rain while on her knees. 

During the Thanksgiving service, she urged attendees to practice prayer and to thank God for everything. 

Furthermore, Rachel hoped Kenya would eventually have a day set aside for prayer and Thanksgiving, similar to how Americans celebrate Thanksgiving.