Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua urged parents not to hinder their children's pursuit of excellence and encouraged young people working in the creative industries to take advantage of every opportunity to utilize their talents fully. 

To give young people the opportunity to fully utilize their innate abilities, the Deputy President stated that the government is investing in the development of talent in the creative industry.

During his speech on Tuesday at the National Drama and Film Festival's closing ceremony at Kang'aru Girls School in Embu County, the Deputy President stated that the nation has an abundance of talent in many fields, particularly the creative economy.

"The creative economy is part of our Plan. We are working on spurring this sector for our youth to earn a living from it," assured Mr Gachagua.

According to the Deputy President, the Festival's performances were exciting, educational, and thought-provoking, pushing producers and screenwriters to consider exploring the themes of drug abuse and illegal brews.

"The performances here on the drugs and substance abuse menace are illuminating. We want great productions on the situation we find ourselves in as a country on these vices. We must communicate to the Kenyan nation through drama, song and dance because they will understand us better through these," said the DP.

Mr. Gachagua committed to funding a group's national tour to identify the most innovative approach to combating vices. 

He continued, "I am willing to sponsor the performers to travel the nation to spread the word about the effects of illicit brews and drugs, and I look forward to great productions on these next year." 


While honoring disabled performers, he argued that disabled children should be allowed to pursue their talents and that it is improper for parents or guardians to keep them at home.  The Deputy President continued, "We must let all of our kids, especially the ones with special needs, go out and explore their potential like everyone else.

Additionally, Mr. Gachagua stated that they would keep funding the Festivals and that they would back a system of rewards that would see top performers receive financial awards.

"These Drama and Film Festivals allow us to identify, incubate and prune potential talent to the highest yields. It is the epitome of the CBC System, where a gifted student in the Creatives is supported to focus on strengthening their talent to full exploitation," he said.