General Francis Ogolla, the epitome of honesty who led the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF), is about to be laid to rest, and a particular sequence of actions will be followed to guarantee a peaceful funeral. 

Before proceeding to Mor Village for the interment of General Ogolla's remains, a significant gathering of the late Ogolla's family, President William Ruto, dignitaries, and mourners will convene at the esteemed Obama K'Ogello Primary School in Ngi'ya Village for a solemn funeral service. 

Unprecedented, high-level security measures have been put in place, with the presence of commanders from every military organization, both foreign and domestic, ensuring a safe and peaceful environment.

Army, Air Force, and Navy members will also perform the official military honours.

Upon the arrival of the General's body, a solemn mass recession will commence, beginning with heartfelt welcoming words, followed by opening prayers, and the reading of the eulogy, all in honor of the late General Ogolla. 

In addition, the government, the military, the church, and representatives of Ogolla's friends will pay their respects. 

Bible readings, a sermon, family prayers, and a vote of gratitude will all be offered before we go to the grave. 

Secretary of State Functions Mike Gitonga has informed the attendees that only those who have been designated will be permitted to travel to the General's funeral.

"So far we have already briefed those who will head to the homestead. It is also a request from the family so kindly let's honor that request," he announced.

"The rest of us we will remain here as it will be live-streamed on the screens in front of us."