For the third week, the nation has been battered by torrential rains, which have caused immense destruction and hundreds of displaced people. 

The Kenya Red Cross, in a commendable display of swift action, announced on Monday that 10,144 households had to be evacuated because the rain had affected at least 23,336 households in the past day. 

The Red Cross, in a stark warning, reported that 18 schools and 14 roads had been severely damaged in the past day, and they were advising utmost caution in the 23 Kenyan counties where flooding has been reported since the start of the rains.

The non-profit organization claims that in addition to killing 4,795 livestock, the rains also damaged 206 businesses and submerged 27,716 acres of arable land. 

One hundred eighty-eight people have been rescued nationwide since the rains started; three of them were saved in Joska after their dog became stranded when the Athi River burst its banks. 

The Red Cross reports that the overflowing Athi River has affected several homes in the Kinanie, Joska, and Kamulu areas of Machakos County and that the Nairobi and Ngong Rivers have caused flooding in Kibra, South C, South B, Mukuru Kwa Njenga, Viwandani, and Kilimani.