An application to detain two police officers who the prosecution claims are selling guns and ammunition to the general public in Laikipia County has been granted by a Nairobi court. 

Joel Githaiga and PC Martin Murimi will be in custody until April 25. 

The prosecution states in a miscellaneous application that the ammunition the two officers sold is thought to have been used in murder and banditry cases in Laikipia County and neighboring counties.

"That other suppliers and buyers of the ammunition are still at large and there is need to hold the suspect, conduct further investigations and make more arrests," reads the application.

According to Nicholas Njoroge's affidavit, 2,658 rounds of ammunition measuring 7.62 by 39 mm were found on the officers. These rounds were found in three metallic boxes holding 750 rounds of ammunition each, fifteen small metallic boxes holding 25 rounds each, and thirty-three uncovered rounds in an empty metallic box. 

The two officers are affiliated with ASTU C Company, it was informed to the court. 

The parties, represented by attorney Danstan Omari, stated that they do not object to the request to be placed under five days of custody; however, he asked to be taken to a hospital for a medical examination.

"Joel is a sharp shooter and is ready to cooperate with the investigations, he has high blood pressure and is diabetic," Omari submitted.

The prosecution supported the application and asked the judge to hold two people in custody—one at the Muthaiga police station and the other in Kilimani. 

Magistrate Simon Themu gave OCS Kilimani instructions to take Joel to the hospital. 

This year, on April 25, the matter will be discussed to determine the next steps and verify the investigation status.