Senator Samson Cherargei of Nandi County has refuted claims that he is a puppet for anyone in his push to extend the presidential term limit from five years to seven years. He asserts that he holds no official position within the UDA party and does not chair any parliamentary committee.

Samson Cherargei is unequivocal that the proposal to extend the presidential term limit is solely his initiative and should not be interpreted otherwise. The Senator is resolute in stating that he is not acting on behalf of President William Ruto and insists that his position must not be underestimated.

Samson Cherargei has urged Kenyans to recognize that his bill aims to address several governance challenges. He emphasizes that the current five-year presidential term is insufficient for implementing an agenda effectively, which is why he has proposed these changes.

Cherargei is also advocating for amendments to the powers of the Senate and the National Assembly regarding the vetting of government officials. It is crucial to grasp that his proposal aims to address governance challenges, particularly by reforming executive leadership to include recognition of the Prime Minister in the constitution.

However, the future outcome remains uncertain, given the current political landscape in the country. Nonetheless, the imperative remains for the nation to move forward. If Cherargei's proposals to extend the presidential term limit are deemed beneficial for the country's progress, then that course of action should be pursued.