Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka has urged MPs from the Azimio opposition coalition to reject the proposed Finance Bill 2024 when it is finally tabled in parliament, claiming that the law will only hurt Kenyans more.

Speaking on Tuesday at Azimio's Parliamentary Group meeting in Nairobi, Kalonzo said the bill, if implemented as is, will harm ordinary Kenyans due to the harsh tax proposals on key items.

Kalonzo stated that the Kenya Kwanza administration will continue to ignore Kenyans' concerns and implement the Bill as it is, just as they did with the Finance Bill 2023.

"We went to the streets. As a coalition, we are ready to go back to the streets if that is what it takes. And I hope you are bold enough to go and cause aggression on public participation," Kalonzo said.

He urged the opposition to be ready to fight for Kenyans this time around, despite President Ruto's vow to raise taxes to 22% by the end of his term.

Kalonzo also chastised the government for the fake fertiliser scandal, claiming that CS Mithika Linturi should not have escaped responsibility. He thanked Azimio members of the special 11-member committee for standing firm.

"This thing will not go away. Wait until there is a shortfall in the harvest. Kenyans do not believe the product that came out of the committee," he added.

The National Treasury has proposed additional taxes on Kenyans in the 2024 Finance Bill, including those on bread and vehicles. The Bill also grants the Kenya Revenue Authority access to personal data in order to collect more taxes from Kenyans.

Kenyans and some leaders, particularly those aligned with the opposition, have already spoken out against the proposals.