Over 181,000 people have voluntarily evacuated from Nairobi's riparian reserves, such as the Mathare and Ngong rivers, as part of the ongoing government evacuation program.

Interior CS Prof. Kithure Kindiki visited the affected districts and stated that the government has promised to provide each household with Ksh.10,000 for alternative rental accommodation and will prioritize them in the affordable housing program.

PHOTO | COURTESY Prof Kithure Kindiki

The CS stated that their existence in riparian regions constituted a serious risk, as demonstrated by last month's flooding.

Prof. Kindiki stated that the restored riparian reserves are being trenched and gated and that tree planting for riverine ecosystems is proceeding.

PHOTO | COURTESY Prof Kithure Kindiki

The Nairobi River will be cleaned, emptied, and reconstructed, with recreational amenities open to the public.

This reclamation will improve security in adjacent towns and help eradicate problems like illegal brewing, narcotic drug trafficking, and criminal hideouts.