The Spouse of the Deputy President, Pastor Dorcas Rigathi, has issued licenses for mineral processing, mining permits, and safety gear to miners in Migori County.

The safety gear includes gloves, reflectors, and headgear. She also handed over a vehicle that will be used for mining services in the county of Migori.

Speaking at the Osiri Mining and Marketing Cooperative Society office, Pastor Dorcas called upon the miners to join cooperatives to make it easier for them to work.

Further, he urged the miners to help eradicate cases of child labor in the sector.

“I plead with my boychild of the school going ages to first seek education before getting into mining. We should also address the cases of child labor in the mining sector.

Further, Pastor Dorcas said that accrediting the miners ensures that they benefit from their day-to-day activities.

She urged the youth to develop innovative ways to safeguard the environment.

“I also urge you to join cooperatives so that it can make it easier for your work. There will be an officer around who will help you with the necessary documents.”

On his part, PS Mining and Blue Economy Elijah Mwangi said there has been progress in reforming the mining sector under the Kenya Kwanza government.

“Mining is a business. We want people to have licenses for business,” he said.

Further, he revealed that a team has been set up to camp for five days to ensure that those carrying out mining trading can make their applications.

He added that the mining cadaster has been opened for free to facilitate the licensing.

“I know there have been several officers here, but we have been instructed that mining has to work this time round. We want to ensure that the prices of any mineral are predictable for us to benefit the miners.”

He said that the ministry is also working towards the formalization of marketing cooperatives, with 246 cooperatives already formalized,23 of which are from Migori County.

According to Kepha Ochuka, Chairman of the Miners in Migori County, the certification is the much-needed documentation for artisanal and small-scale miners. He said the certification will go beyond Migori County.