Singapore Airlines (SIA) said Tuesday that it has provided $10,000 (Ksh.1,292,500) in compensation to customers who had mild injuries on a flight affected by significant turbulence last month.

A 73-year-old British man died, while numerous other passengers and staff on aircraft SQ321 from London sustained skull, brain, and spinal injuries during the harrowing high-altitude journey.

PHOTO | COURTESY Singapore Airlines

The pilots redirected the Singapore-bound Boeing 777-300ER, which carried 211 passengers and 18 crew, to Bangkok, where the injured were sent to hospitals.

In a statement issued Tuesday, SIA stated that it has sent out emails offering US$10,000 in compensation to passengers who incurred minor injuries during the event.

The airline said that it would pay the tickets of all passengers on the aircraft, even those who were not harmed.

According to an SIA representative, as of Tuesday afternoon, 11 passengers from the aircraft were still being treated in Bangkok hospitals.

The Montreal Convention holds airlines accountable for damages resulting from passenger injury or death aboard an airplane.

SIA formerly provided SG$ 1,000 ($740) to each traveler leaving Bangkok for their ultimate destination to cover their immediate expenditures.

PHOTO | COURTESY Singapore Airlines

It has also covered the wounded passengers' medical fees and arranged for their family members to fly to Bangkok if needed.

According to Singapore's transport ministry, unbelted passengers on the flight were forcibly propelled into the cabin after an abrupt 54-metre (177-foot) drop in altitude.

According to the ministry, the aircraft suffered a "rapid change" in gravitational force, or G-force, while travelling over southern Myanmar. The ministry cited a preliminary investigation from Singapore's Transport Safety Investigation Bureau.