A Chinese roofing company has opened a new factory in Kenya to provide the market with affordable, eco-friendly, and durable roofing materials.

Speaking during the launch on Tuesday, SINOMA Roofing Company General Manager Wu Shuang said the company is committed to providing affordable, quality materials that will meet Kenyan’s needs.

On her part, Machakos County Governor Wavinya Ndeti expressed her enthusiasm for the new factory, highlighting that the roofing industry is experiencing significant growth and has strong demand.

“We are happy that the technology being used will change how roofing is done, and that the factory will give an opportunity to young people to come and learn how this technology works,” she said.

CBMI Construction Co. Ltd. General Manager Zhang Sicai said the factory will employ at least 50 locals, with plans to increase the number to 200 shortly.

He said the company is keen to comply with local regulatory requirements to protect the environment while referencing the eco-friendly nature of the roofing materials.

Officials said establishing an efficient roofing company is crucial as Kenya continues to implement an ambitious national plan to provide affordable housing units in cities and metropolitan areas.