A section of Kenyan MPs who voted in favor of the just withdrawn finance bill 2024 faces an uncertain political future as youths call for their resignation or recall from office.

PHOTO | COURTESY The leaders

 Kimai Ichung'wah

According to a section of X users, National Assembly Majority Leader Kimai Ichung'wah is on the list of MPs they say have been ignoring their views on the bill. During one of his several utterances, the MP said there was nothing the Gen Z could do about the bill, adding that they don't know the real struggle because they use Ubers and enjoy fast foods.


"The Gen Z have iphones and use Ubers to protest. Wanatoka maandamano wanaingia KFC kukula kuku na minofu, maji ni ile ya chup[a...si mliwaona? Hawajui shida stima ni kitu gani...wako na umeme 24/7," he said.

Oscar Sudi

The next political leader on the chopping board is Kapseret, Member of Parliament Oscar Sudi. The MP has been adamant about not listening to the youths' views, saying that they do not know what the bill is about.


"Niliona hao Gen Z, hata mtoto wangu pengine alikuwa hapo, lakini hawaelewi hii Finance Bill," said the Kapsaret MP last week.

A few days later, his change of views surprised the youths. He praised them for being resilient and working together to make their voices heard and promised to involve them in planning next year's finance bill.

“These youth are a good generation; they are not tribalistic, they do not care where you are from but have united to fight for their issues. I have spoken to the President and told him he needs to listen to the youth,” he said.

His change of views, however, was not reflected in his vote in parliament during the second reading of the bill. After voting yes to the bill for the second time, angry youths decided to vandalize and rob his newly renovated club in eldoret.

Silvanus Osoro 

The next man on the list is South Mugirango Member of Parliament Silvanus Osoro. During his TV appearances that prompted the bill, Osoro criticized the youths for opposing the bill, saying that the government needs money to operate.

PHOTO | COURTESY  South Mugirango Member of Parliament Silvanus Osoro

“When you wake up and say you want roads built, or graduate, get a TSC number and say you want employment, you say you need to be taxed. Ideally, you say, ‘get someplace you can tax so I get employed’,” Osoro told Citizen TV’s Daybreak program on Wednesday.

“When an intern teacher protests in the streets wanting to be employed permanently, they are telling the government to expand the tax base.”

Some honorable mentions include:

John 'KJ' Kiarie

Dagoretti South MP John 'KJ' Kiarie claimed the photos and videos from the first protest were fake and AI-generated. he later changed his tune and apologized to the youth.

PHOTO | COURTESY Dagoretti South MP John 'KJ' Kiarie

"I'm sincerely sorry for any provocation, hurt, or affront that my words may have caused," the MP said.

"I have definitely learnt alot from this and also from all the active listening I have done since."

 Gabriel Kagombe 

Gatundu South MP Gabriel Kagombe dismissed the protests, saying that the youths are being funded by the Illuminati to protest.

"People should not use this issue of the finance bill to mislead Kenyans. If you want to discover the truth, look at the videos circulating around. They all begin with something called the Illuminati. The people who are sponsoring demonstrations in Nairobi are called the Illuminati. And our young people have been blindfolded," Kagombe claimed.

PHOTO | COURTESY  Gatundu South MP Gabriel Kagombe

The MP is currently facing trial for the fatal shooting of one person in Thika.

According to the youth, they oppose the finance bill because they believe the government has an expenditure problem and that politicians are living way beyond their means and have put in place measures to cousin themselves from the economic hard times while the taxpayer is left naked and afraid.