The security guard who went viral for allowing peaceful protesters to seek safety inside the Java House outlet on Kimathi Street during the anti-government protests has been given the highest commendation for his actions.

The CEO of the Private Security Regulatory Authority (PSRA), Fazul Mahamed, made the news in a letter to Vincent Chepkwony on Tuesday, noting that the watchdog had recognized Mahamed for his efforts.

PHOTO | COURTESY Vincent Chepkwony receives highest commendation

"Pursuant to Section 9 (II of the Private Security Regulation Act, this Letter of Appreciation is awarded to Mr. Vincent Chepkwony. The commendation is in recognition of your remarkable dedication and service in the Private Security Industry in the country," said Mahamed.

"Your unwavering commitment, exceptional professionalism, and strict compliance with the legal standards have been instrumental in promoting the development of the private security industry in Kenya."

The PSRA chief also stated that the authority had called a meeting with Chepkwony and his immediate employer, Hatari Security, in response to claims that he had been sacked.

“After a comprehensive review, the Authority firmly concluded that Mr. Chepkwony's actions were heroic, patriotic and commendable and therefore warranted a promotion and not a dismissal from duty,” said Mahamed.

PHOTO | COURTESY protesters inside Java house

“Consequently, the Authority directed Hatari Security Limited to reinstate Mr. Vincent Chepkwony to his role as a security guard with immediate effect.”

He added: “Mr. Chepkwony has subsequently been awarded the highest commendation and recognition for a Private Security Officer in Kenya for his bravery and unwavering commitment to duty. His reinstatement stands as a testament to the core values that uphold the private security industry in Kenya.”