ODM party leader Raila Odinga found himself in hot water after making comments at the KICC urging Kenyans, particularly Generation Z, to stop the current demonstrations and give the conversation a chance, which he deemed more important.

Gen Z confronted Raila on social media X, exposing that he did not include them in the arrangement to sound the national alarm and call off the demonstrations.

Going through the comments they left, various of them called Raila a traitor, threatening to gang up against him and the government.

However, according to them, the Azimio leader party is deemed to be in their flunk and not to make any agreement with the government without their consent.

This is after Raila declared openly that he has agreed with the government so as to achieve the task, which is to transform the country so the youth may have a promising prospect.

They contend, however, that the Azimio Leader Party is in their flunk and should not enter into any agreements with the government without their approval.

This comes after Raila publicly stated that he had reached an agreement with the administration to accomplish the goal of changing the nation so that the future looks bright for the youth.