The Wiper party has distanced itself from dialogue talks between President Ruto and Raila Odinga in support of GenZs.

In a statement to the media, the Wiper party criticized demands for engaging the youth, claiming that the existing leadership is unaware of Gen Z's message of 'action now.'

PHOTO | COURTESY President Ruto and Raila

The party urged President Ruto to address Gen Z concerns made during the recent rallies.

“In terms of the Gen Z revolution, it appears that Ruto lacks an understanding of public sentiment. Generation Z does not wish to engage in dialogue. They want action, and Wiper agrees,” said the party in the statement after a National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting.

The party stated that the current difficulties confronting the country are beyond debate and demand only action.

It also mentioned the National Dialogue Committee (NADCO), constituted last year to address concerns around the Finance Bill 2023. The report emphasized that while the committee recommended some conclusions, the entire process was irrelevant to Kenyans' needs at the time.

Similarly, Wiper stated that the remedy would be to execute Gen Zs' requests, such as posting medical interns, dissolving Parliament, and removing corrupt government officials.

PHOTO | COURTESY Wiper leader

“The current situation in Kenya could have been avoided if the regime had addressed rising living costs and implemented the National Dialogue Committee findings. You don't need dialogue. Dialogue is not required to assess public debt because the Auditor General's Office has the same role,” the statement noted.

Wiper said that Gen Z and Kenyans want Parliament dissolved, an election conducted, and Ruto to leave. And the Wiper Democratic Movement agrees.

The party supported the Gen Z movement, pushing them to explore bringing Kalonzo to social media sites for participation reasons.