The recently sworn-in IEBC selection panel members have the mandate of selecting commissioners who will satisfy Kenyans' expectations, according to Chief Justice Martha Koome.

PHOTO | COURTESY CJ Martha Koome asks the panel to select commissioners who will be impartial

The seven commissioners took an oath of office on Wednesday, and Koome warned the attendees that they were there to serve Kenyans and should carry out their duties lawfully and fairly.

She stated that you are supposed to play a significant role in facilitating the creation of an electoral body composition that is fair, just, and done following the constitution.

Koome begged the members to select IEBC commissioners with the utmost honesty, fairness, and commitment to Kenyan goals.

She urged them to fulfil their responsibility by making sensible judgments, as this would decide Kenya's peace and stability, particularly during elections.

PHOTO | COURTESY Koome asks Panel to be keen while selecting commissioners

She continued that Kenyans are counting on you to appoint commissioners who will fulfil their expectations by ensuring that the electoral body conducts its duties following the law.

Remember that, given our nation's electoral history, your duty should support national stability and unity. There is no doubt that you are up to the challenge.

The panel will be in charge of picking the IEBC commissioners.

President William Ruto named the seven individuals who will oversee the selection of candidates for positions as the chairwoman and commissioners of the IEBC in a gazette notification published on February 27.

Bethuel Sugut and Novice Euralia Atieno from the Parliamentary Service Commission were among those who took the oath of office.


Evans Misati James, the committee's chairman, Benson Ngugi Njeri of Igeria, and Ngugi attorneys will represent the Political Parties Liaison Committee.

Charity Kisotu, Nelson Makanda, and Fatuma Saman are a few others.

To replace Wafula Chebukati, who retired after finishing his mandatory term, and commissioners Boya Molu and Yakub Guliye, who also served their terms, the panel will select the next IEBC chairperson.

The panellists were appointed by President William Ruto and given the mandate to select IEBC Commissioners who would take office after the exit of former commissioners