After being stopped by the police, Opposition Chief Raila Odinga's convoy makes a second effort to travel along Juja Road to the City.

While they attempt to travel to the Downtown and eventually the KICC, the Azimio brigade addresses supporters along the Juja road.

The protesters and Raila's convoy were doused with water by the police as they travelled through the Juja Road.

In addition, police fired tear gas. The caravan abruptly exited the Serena Hotel and travelled through Kamkunji before going to Eastleigh.

He spoke to his followers while he was in Eastleigh and promised that the fight would continue until their demands were satisfied.

As they moved through Nairobi, supporters sang and danced to a song dedicated to Raila.

"Ah, Baba! Thank you, Baba!" He uttered, "Mambo bado, ndio tumeanza," while supporters shouted, "Ndio Baba!"

The demos would be every Monday, he added. The audience grew as he moved through the streets.

Nonetheless, security was increased throughout the City Hallway, making the KICC and Supreme Court inaccessible.

Police officers in uniform and plain clothes have increased in number on the streets.

Nairobi and Kisumu have been the most hit. Raila had urged Kenyans to reawaken the spirit of opposing oppressive governments as they had in the past before the protests started.

He made it clear that the contest for the presidency has nothing to do with any particular tribe, race, or religion and is solely focused on the welfare of Kenyans.

But, a scuffle with police prevented Raila from giving his anticipated speech.